Sunday, February 24, 2013

EC Log: Week 39 - Off and On

Age:  11 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

Lily loves the camera 11 months old
Lily has often been signaling when she has to go.  She usually says "potty" or some form of that and sometimes uses the sign as well.

We try her potty, the "big girl" potty (where I sit far back on the toilet and let her sit on my lap), the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink.  Sometimes she will go in one of these places - sometimes she will not go in any.  The silly thing is that she'll often pee on the floor soon after we've tried the potties!

EC is not a straight climb of achievement.  We take it one day at a time, keep her out of diapers as much as possible and encourage her at every turn!


  1. hello there! I'm thewindhover (emily) from MBG, so lovely to find your blog and read about your adventures as a gentle, natural and loving mama! I am keen to start EC with my little one - he's 13 months old now - I recently read the book "diaper free" - I wished I'd ready it before he was born or when he was younger so that I could have started before he was mobile. Any tips/advice on starting later? We use cloth diapers too. Blessings xx

    1. Hi Emily! I'm happy to be following your blog now as well! There are advantages to starting later - you can involve him in the process and gradually introduce "going potty." I would say start by setting up a little potty in the bathroom with some new books reserved only for potty time. If you have prefolds try spending some time in just those so you both know the moment he goes. Talk about the potty, sitting on the potty, going potty, "do you have to go potty," "mama's going potty now," all things potty! If he is not yet able to say "potty" it may be helpful to introduce a sign such as ASL for "toilet." You might also find the book "Diaper Free Baby" helpful as the author started her 1st son at 12mo. Glad to know you!!